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FISA 6K Race


This is your chance to get into international style coastal racing! Our 6K event will be run in the same format as the World Rowing Coastal Championships. World Rowing refers to coastal as the “extreme side of rowing,” and this race showcases the wild fun of FISA coastal competition.


Coastal racing is the challenge of going fast in unpredictable conditions while navigating through a buoyed course. Strategic positioning through the turns is key. Boat handling skills will be tested.  Critical right of way advantages are fought for. There is even a run down the beach to the boat to get started!


All open water boats are invited to this race. Separate categories for FISA spec, unlimited spec, and touring spec will be recognized. To get the full effect of international competition, all classes will start together to create a challenging negotiation at the first turn! Or, if we are feeling particularly ornery, slower boat classes will start slightly ahead of faster ones, to assure the traffic and congestion of World Championship racing is simulated. Remember…coastal racing is all about trying new things and embracing the extreme!

Participants in the 6K event must bring their own boat. A very limited number of boats may be available to rent. Details here.

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