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Donate Gear To The Achilles Kayak Team

The Achilles International Kayak Team has had a great season. New paddlers, new events, a new chapter in FL, sub 3:15 at the Blackburn. It is all good. To keep this going we need to expand our equipment locker to meet demand and replace the worn, cracked and broken. Here's how you can help:


If you have any paddling gear that is in good operable condition yet no longer gets used we will take it off your hands in exchange for a tax receipt for fair value.


We are in most need of wing paddles and low profile PFDs. If you would race it - so would we. So long as the equipment is sound or needs minimal repair we will take it. If you have a 2010 model gathering dust - bring it. It will get wet again.


We will have arrangements at the L2L to accept any donated equipment and provide paperwork on the spot.


If you intend donating, please drop Gary Williams a note ( with details of the item or call on 917 597 8507.

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