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DownUnder Kayak & SUP will be hosting 2 clincs on Sunday morning;


  • Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding with CJ Emmanuelson  - The class starts on land with a orientation - education on the local area we’re paddling in, safety, the impact weather and tide may have on our outing, and the equipment you’ll be using.  Once outfitted we will go over the skills on land before transitioning to the water, where we'll go over the skills paddling on your knees, until you're comfortable standing up.  A simulator will be available for you to practice on land as well.

  • Advanced Stand Up Paddleboarding with CJ Emmanuelson  - The advanced clinic focuses on form and skills, as well as racing tips, tricks and technique.


Both sessions will include on-shore and on water components and will be 60 minutes in duration. Cost for each clinic is $50.  Register here.

Downunder is the only operation of its kind in Connecticut – two shops, on-water, retail and rental of stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), sit-on-top kayaks, and all the equipment, fashions and accessories that go with them. The Downunder experience is like our lifestyle - laid back and no worries!  In true Kiwi (New Zealand) style, we'll treat you like family with personalized attention that ensures you get the ultimate paddling experience.



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