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East Coast Surfski Championships 2018

The East Coast title will once again be decided over 14 miles at the Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race. We are excited to have the best in the region compete head-to-head to close the season between Pecks Ledge and Greens Ledge Lights. This years purse, sponsored by PTX Partners is $2,000 to be split equally between the men's and women's ski events.


Also, this year we will be racing in age groups and also adding a 3 mile hot spot for both men and women 14 mile surfski competitors sponsored by Stellar Kayaks USA. The hot spot winner for each gender will be awarded $250


This will be the 9th year of the ECSC at the L2L. Here's a little history: In 2011, on a winter’s training paddle, Wesley Echols of and Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis, brainstormed with the idea of having an East Coast Surfski Championship (ECSC). He knew however, that he did not have time to create and manage another race. During this time frame, the Jamestown Counter Revolution Race was being revived so he asked Dan Gorriaran, race director and accomplished rower, if we could create the East Coast Surfski Championship and he host it. Wesley, working for Stellar since 2010, ran the idea of sponsoring the race by Dave Thomas, co-designer/owner of Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis. So in 2011, the first East Coast Surfski Championship with 23 surf skis was held on the Seekonk River due to an impending hurricane. Borys Markin won on that day edging out Reid Hyle by seconds. In 2012, the Jamestown Counter Revolution ceased so Wesley asked me if we would host the ECSC with continued sponsorship from Stellar and promotion from We naturally said yes, and this race, grew to record attendance in 2014 with 87 surf skis registered, the largest collection of surf skis ever assembled on the East Coast.

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