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Event Rules


For the sake of your safety, enjoyment and the longevity of race we have a number of rules that must be observed by all participants.The Race Directors reserve the right to:


  • Deny entry to the event to any competitor at their sole discretion.

  • Disqualify an entrant for a violation of the rules.


The following rules are limited but will be enforced. They are designed to ensure that the event is safe and fair for all competitors. Participation in the event is conditional on observing and complying with these rules.


  • All boats must be seaworthy and human powered.

  • All competitors must wear or carry the wrist bands provided in your registration pack that list the Race Director Phone and monitored VHF channel. These numbers can be used to advise race management of an emergency or that you are pulling out of the event.

  • All competitors must wear or have a Coast Guard, or ICF approved PFD on their vessel.

  • Each boat must display their number on the bow (port and starboard). SUP paddlers will pin their numbers to their persons.

  • Each boat is strongly advised to carry a working VHF radio or accessible cell phone in a waterproof container. Do not rely on another competitor to summon help for you if you need it.

  • Each boat is advised to carry a whistle or other effective noisemaker

  • Each boat is advised to carry a compass or working GPS device especially if this is your first event on this course.

  • Both races, 7 and 14 miles must be completed in 4 hours.

  • If you have not reach Greens Ledge in 2 hours (14 mile event) or the Goose Island turn buoy (7 miles event) in 1 hour you must pull out of the event and notify the race director.

  • You must notify the race director if you pull out of the race using the number / channel on your wrist band.

  • Chase boats will be present on the course but are not obligated to remain in place more that 4 hours after the start.

  • As you may be paddling alone on the course you must be comfortable and confident on open water in the craft you are racing.

  • No drafting outside of the class of your own vessel

  • No unsportsmanlike conduct on the course or event, including but limited to impeding an overtaking boat and ignoring a competitor in distress.

  • You are solely responsible for your safety on the course and participate at your own risk.

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