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We are excited to welcome our good friends at Sea Kayak Connecticut to the Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race.

Sea Kayak CT will be hosting 2 clincs on Sunday morning;


  • Advanced Strokes and Maneuvers Clinic with David McPherson - The focus of this clinic is the addition of consistent edging and leaning into basic strokes and maneuvers.  Advanced turning strokes, braces  and draw strokes will also be introduced . This clinic is intended for sea kayakers who are very comfortable in their boats, who may (or may not) have a roll, and who looking to enhance their strokes and maneuvers.

  • Intro to Sea Kayak Clinic with David McPherson  - This clinic will cater to individuals new to sea kayaking or those wanting to improve their efficiency with basic strokes and maneuvers .  The on-land segment will cover equipment, apparel and proper fitment technique as well as strategies for gracefully entering and exiting a sea kayak. The on-water segment will focus on learning torso-dependent sweeps, forward strokes, reverse paddling, and sudden stopping.


Both sessions will include on-shore and on water components and will be 90 minutes in duration. Cost for each clinic is $50.  Register here.

David McPherson is the owner of Sea Kayak Connecticut and the US importer for Rockpool Kayaks. He is a level four open water coastal kayak instructor, a level four open water coastal kayak instructor trainer candidate and has taught sea kayaking for well over eight years. He is passionate about introducing the sport to new paddlers, serving as a guide for the Achilles international Kayak Team and sea kayak surfing up and down the east coast. David is a new member of the L2L race committee and is committed to growing  the sport of sea kayaking.

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