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About Coast Rowing

Coastal rowing has been labeled the “mountain biking” or “adventure side” of rowing. While this is definitely part of the appeal, there are extra components to coastal rowing. Additional skills are needed to be able to read tides and currents, and learn to surf the waves. While Olympic style racing shells cannot handle rough waters, boats designed for coastal rowing do very well. They have a sealed hull and open aft deck which lets any water taken over the bow run out the back. The stable design also makes them ideal for exploration and adventure. These boats will take you safely from the quiet back waters all the way out to the ocean and back again.

Race Formats

Coastal Quad Challenge

A series of 500 meter sprint races along the beach. Teams will race multiple times, moving through a bracket system, in novice and experienced categories. Learn to row workshops are available for new rowers! Quads are supplied by the event.

When: Saturday 14th, 10:30am

Who: Novices to Pros

FISA 6K Race

This will be run in the international coastal racing format, starting and ending at the shoreline. The 6K course runs out to Peck Ledge, around Sprite Island and back around a buoyed course in a mix of exposed and semi-sheltered water. FISA and non-FISA coastal boats permitted.

When: Saturday 14th, 12:00pm

Who: Some Experience

Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race

FISA and non-FISA class boats are welcome to race the 7 or 14 mile event. This is an open water event on an out and back course from the shoreline around Peck Ledge and Greens Ledge Lighthouses along the beautiful Norwalk Islands.

When: Sunday 15th, 9:00am

Who: Some Experience

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